18 Days Dream Vacation in Uganda

18 Days Dream Vacation in Uganda

With Our 18 days Uganda Safari, visitors are rewarded with the golden opportunity of encountering mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and many other primate species, in addition to big five animals (lions, leopards, Rhinos, buffaloes and elephants), antelopes (Defassa waterbucks, duikers, common elands, bushbucks, Impalas, Uganda Kobs, sitatunga, Oribis, Topis, Jackson’s hartebeests and many others), Rothschild giraffes, giant forest hogs, warthogs as well as the highest number of bird species you have ever come across.

The safari involves visiting the best tourist destinations in the country including Kidepo valley, Murchison falls, Bwindi Impenetrable, Semliki Valley, Queen Elizabeth and Kibale Forest National Parks, not leaving out the breathtaking Lake Bunyonyi. By the time this safari comes to an end, you will understand why Uganda was named the “Pearl of Africa”.

Detailed Itinerary.

Day 1: Arrival at the fantastic Entebbe International airport and hotel transfer.

Pick-up from Entebbe International Airport and Hotel transfer to allow you relax and prepare yourself for a roller coaster of tourist activities. Depending on your arrival time, you might undertake a short tour of Kampala City visiting top historical and cultural sites then get back to the Hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2: Drive from Kampala City to Kitgum Town.

Breakfast at your Hotel in Kampala and meet your driver guide for a transfer to Kidepo Valley National Park. Transverse several small Towns, roadside food/fruit markets and en-route rural areas before taking a Lunch break in Kabalega Diners and spend overnight in Kitgum Town.

Day 3: Continue with your drive to Kidepo Valley National Park and evening game drive.

Arise and shine and be served breakfast that will see you continue with your journey to Kidepo Valley National Park. This Park is renowned for its sweeping savannah plains dotted with rock kopjes, acacia trees and numerous wildlife species. Continue to the booked Lodge and settle in for Lunch and relaxation.

Later undertake an afternoon/evening game drive where herds of Uganda Kobs, elephants, Defassa waterbucks, Cape buffaloes, common elands, Topis, Burchell’s zebras and giraffes in addition to several unique bird species will be encountered. Retreat to your place of stay at sunset for dinner and overnight stay

Day 4: Entire day to explore the hidden treasures of Kidepo Valley National Park.

Your full day Kidepo National Park exploration begins with breakfast at the Lodge and with your Lunch box head out for the game drive through wildlife-rich areas such as Narus Valley.

Here leopards, lions, elephants, Topis, Uganda Kobs, zebras, spotted hyenas, Somalia ostriches, cheetahs, serval cats, Defassa waterbucks and common elands are likely to be encountered. Take a break from the game drive to have Lunch and continue for a guided walk to the hot springs as well as the nearby Karamojong community to learn about their fascinating cultures. Leave at sunset for a transfer to the Lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5: Drive to Uganda’s largest Conservation Area – Murchison falls National Park.

Breakfast and check-out of the wilderness Lodge for a drive to your next destination of the safari-Murchison falls National Park. En-route Lunch at Gulu City and be at the Park in the evening for dinner and overnight at the booked Lodge.

Day 6: Full day to explore the alluring beauty of Murchison falls National Park.

This is another fascinating day of wildlife viewing, within Murchison falls National Park the oldest and largest Conservation Area in Uganda. This game drive will introduce you to yet another medley of wildlife species such as the elephants, Rothschild giraffes, buffaloes, warthogs, Defassa waterbucks, spotted hyenas, lions, Oribis, leopards, Jackson’s hartebeests and numerous bird species in their varying habitats. Also look-out for the mesmerizing bird species that call this Park home and at this point, return back to the lodge for lunch.

In the afternoon be driven to the banks of the Nile River (Paraa jetty) for the start of the 2-3 hours’ boat cruise along the Nile River. This fascinating cruise rewards you with the sights and sounds of the wilderness-Hippos, elephants, crocodiles and antelopes as well as aquatic and wetland bird species. The highlight of this boat cruise is the breathtaking views and roaring sound of the waterfalls where you will take photos.

Later head for the 45 minutes’ hike to the top of the falls. Once at the top, you will enjoy the stupendous views of the Murchison falls and the adjacent Uhuru falls pouring 45 meters down to the Devil’s Cauldron as well as the signature rainbow symbol. Find your driver at the top of the falls, waiting to transfer you to your Lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7: Transfer to the lush Kibale Forest.

Check-out of the Lodge after an amazing breakfast and embark on a transfer journey to Kibale Forest National Park, the home to over 13 species of primates. Check-in at one of the Lodges for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 8: Chimpanzee trekking adventure and drive to Semliki National Park.

This day being the day of encountering the chimpanzees means you have to wake up earlier than usual so that by 6:00am you are at Kanyanchu Visitor Center. While here, you will go through registration and briefing on mankind’s closest relatives as well as the process of trekking them in their natural habitat.

Begin penetrating the forest slowly to search for the chimpanzees while encountering other residents of the forest such as giant forest hogs, elephants, buffaloes, bushbucks, duikers, primates-black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, red-tailed monkeys and grey-cheeked mangabeys. Find them after half an hour to 3 hours of trekking and spend one hour observing and taking photos of them going about their daily routine of playing, mating, foraging, resting, grooming and many others.

Once you are done with Lunch, check-out of the Lodge and embark on a transfer to Semliki National Park where your dinner and overnight stay will be.

Day 9: Explore the jaw-dropping Sempaya hot springs, boat ride and night game drive.

On day 9 you will be exploring Semliki National Park in three amazing tourist activities-guided nature walks, boat ride and night game drives. Have breakfast and embark on your first activity of the day-guided nature walk to the hot springs where you will be amazed by how hot the natural springs are as well as their capability of boiling eggs and plantain in few minutes.

Return back to the Lodge for Lunch and in the afternoon be treated to a sensational boat ride on Lake Albert where several aquatic birds as well as fish species will be seen. Get back to the Lodge for relaxation and early dinner. After your wonderful dinner embark on a night game drive that will introduce you to the nocturnal wildlife species such as bushbabies, serval cats, leopards, spotted hyenas, Mongoose and pottos among others. This Park is one of the most amazing places for night game drives and after this activity return back to the Lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 10: Leave for Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Breakfast is served on-time to allow you embark on your journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park, another excellent game viewing destination with over 95 mammal species and over 600 species of birds at your exposure. Have an en-route Lunch and continue to the Lodge (within the Park) for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 11: Whole day to uncover the hidden treasures of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Have breakfast and meet-up with your driver/guide to proceed to the Kasenyi Plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park for a game drive. This is the breeding place for Uganda Kobs and because of this, several lions and leopards can also be spotted during the game drive. Also look-out for the Cape buffaloes, Oribis, prides of elephants, Defassa waterbucks and Topis in addition to warthogs and several species of birds. Bring this game drive to a close with a drive back to the Lodge for Lunch.

The moment you are done with your Lunch, leave the Lodge for a transfer to the Mweya Peninsular for the boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel where several Hippos and Crocodiles will be seen in the deep waters while elephants, buffaloes and antelopes drinking at the shores will be spotted. Also take photos of the different bird species as well as sunset views at Kazinga before retreating to the Lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 12: Ishasha Game drive and drive to the magical Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Grab a cup of tea/coffee plus some snacks and leave Queen Elizabeth National Park with a game drive. Head southwards towards Ishasha sector where the mysterious tree-climbing lions on fig tree branches are seen and these lions are only found in two places in the Whole World.

This is your chance to see them together with warthogs, olive baboons, Topis, Uganda Kobs and buffaloes before continuing to Bwindi impenetrable National Park. Enjoy an en-route Lunch and be at this Gorilla trekking destination in the evening for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 13: Gorilla trekking adventure in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and drive to the smallest National Park in the country.

Breakfast at the Lodge and transfer to the Park Headquarters of your gorilla trekking region/sector for registration and briefing. At this point feel free to raise any questions concerning the trek then be allocated gorilla groups-depending on your level of physical abilities, age or personal interests.

Trekking starts at 8am and lasts 1-5 hours or even a full day but only one hour is allowed for photography and gorilla observations. After this heavenly experience with the mountain gorillas, return back to the Lodge for a drive to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Day 14: Golden Monkey tracking experience in Mgahinga National park and drive to Lake Bunyonyi

With your golden monkey permit and trekking gear meet with your safari driver for a transfer to Ntebeko Visitor Center in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Attend briefing with other trekkers, be attacked a guide and hire a porter before penetrating the forest in search for the golden monkeys.

Trekking for these interesting primates lasts 1-3 hours and comes with one hour encounter watching them exhibit their playful tricks, feed and groom each other while entertaining visitors. Later descend back to the lodge for Lunch and later transfer to Lake Bunyonyi for relaxation, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 15: Island hopping and guided nature walks around Lake Bunyonyi.

Have breakfast and head for a boat ride leading to the different spectacular Islands that make up this Lake, some of which are Akampene, Bucuranuka and Kyahugye that are known for not only sheltering unique bird and animal species but also their rich cultural significance and history.

After this boat ride, enjoy lunch at your lodge and in the evening embark on a guided nature walk along the unblemished shores of Lake Bunyonyi to explore the different bird species that call this tourist destination home.

Day 16: Drive from the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi to Lake Mburo National Park.

After a wonderful night, enjoy breakfast while enjoying the last views of the Lake and leave for Lake Mburo National Park. Lunch is en-route at Igongo cultural center where you will also be introduced to unforgettable cultural experiences. Continue to Lake Mburo, finalize with the necessary clearances at the gate and head to your place of stay with a game drive.

Relax and from 7:00pm embark on a night game drive with an armed Park guide where the nocturnal life such as serval cats, leopards, mongoose and Patas will be spotted actively hunting. Return to your Lodge for a buffet dinner while listening to the sounds of nature.

Day 17: Walking safari through the spectacular savannah plains of Lake Mburo National Park and afternoon boat ride.

Lake Mburo National Park will be explored through two tourist activities-walking safari and boat ride. Let’s start with the first activity, walking safari after a lovely breakfast and, make sure to do it in the Company of UWA Ranger guide who will lead you to the different habitats of animals, birds and also identify animals from footprints and their fecal matter.

Depending on location of the walking safari, you are likely to come across impalas, zebras, Cape buffaloes, Rothschild giraffes, Topis and Defassa waterbucks among others. Lunch at the Lodge and proceed for the next activity-boat cruise on Lake Mburo where more wildlife and bird species will be encountered.

Day 18: Mind-boggling game drive and return back to Kampala.

Embark on your last game drive after breakfast and exit Lake Mburo National Park for Kampala. This marks the end of our 18 days Uganda Safari.

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