21 Days East Africa Safari

21 Days East Africa Safari

This safari covers wildlife, culture and nature in these predominant East African countries where you will visit several national parks and engage in different activities like game drives, boat cruises, cultural encounters/community tours, primate trekking and photography.

While carrying out these activities, you will encounter the big five animals (lion, rhino, elephants, buffaloes and leopards), watch the wildebeest migration in case it’s their season of migration, watch our relatives the chimpanzees and gorillas in their natural environment, encounter some of the African cultures such as the Masai, Batwa pygmies, Batooro, Bakiga among others. Also, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the waterfalls, sunrise and sunset among others.

Day by day itinerary.

Day 1: Arrive in Nairobi and transfer to a hotel: Optional city tour.

On the arrival, you will take a city tour where you will visit the national museum and the local markets and this will be after a warm welcome at the airport, briefed and given all the required travel tips to make this east African safari memorable. Thereafter, transfer to the hotel for your dinner.

Day 2: Depart to Nakuru National Park.

This morning, have a yummy breakfast with a view of a sunrise at the restaurant and then transfer to Lake Nakuru national park as you pass through the tarmac and Marram roads. The road trip is so interesting and you will be able to spot the rolling hills and green plantations good for photography as you take en route stopovers. You will arrive in Nakuru with a game drive and enjoy its beauty.

This park is known for flamingos that are found on Lake Nakuru but it is also having several wild animals such as leopards, zebras, elephants, warthogs, buffalos, giraffes among others.

Day 3: Full day in Nakuru National Park.

Leave your lodge and take a full day game drive in the park after breakfast with your packed lunch. Take a 4-5 game drive nonstop as you take photos which will be accompanied by a view of the early raisers like lions, leopards, spotted hyenas among others.

After enjoying a picnic lunch, you will proceed with a game drive towards the shores of the lake where you will spot flamingos which turn the ground pick. Later in the evening, take a drive back to your accommodation facility.

Day 4: Transfer to Masai Mara National Reserve.

Transfer to anyone’s dream that is Masai Mara national reserve after where you will appreciate nature. This reserve has a large concentration of lions and other animals that can be spotted including buffaloes, cheetahs, wildebeests, giraffes and olive baboons, among others. A chance gets you to witness the wildebeest migrations in case your safari is from June to September.

The drive takes you through the Great Rift Valley where you will have several stopovers for photography. Also, a stopover at Narok Town where you will have your buffet lunch and proceed with the journey to the reserve which will be accompanied by an evening game drive where you will spot more wildlife.

Day 5: Discover the beauty of Masai Mara National Reserve.

Start the day with a game drive helped by the driver guide and park ranger where you will have a chance to spot the big five animals, different antelopes, giraffes, zebras, warthogs and much more with different tree species, beautiful landscapes accompanied by different birds like the flamingos, ostriches among others.

Have two breaks, that is to say, one for bush breakfast and another one for lunch and again the drive will take you to the Mara River where you will spot different hippos and crocodiles. Mara River is the death trap for the wildebeests as they migrate from Serengeti and back.

Day 6: Depart to Serengeti National Park – Tanzania.

Warm your stomach with a cup of tea or coffee which will be accompanied by a transfer to Serengeti national park. The park is where the wildebeest start the journey to Masai Mara in the period of migration.

This journey can take between 5-6 hours’ drive and on reaching the border of Kenya and Tanzania, Isebania. Present your travel documents and meet our travel representative who will transfer you to the northern side of Tanzania in one of the Serengeti national parks. In case you arrive early, you will have a sunset game drive in the park and discover some of the wildlife in the park.

Day 7-8: Game drive in Serengeti on a full day and cultural encounter.

Take a full day of game drives in these two days and again explore the Masai culture that lives around this large park. Spot animals like lions, leopards, giraffes, rhinos, among others. The Masai warriors will take you through the unique cultural dances, story tales, tasting their cultural food and again buy some souvenirs among others.

Day 9: Transfer to Ngorongoro crater and hike to top of the Crater Lake.

Check out of the hotel room after enjoy a sunrise breakfast and find your way to Ngorongoro conservation crater. Arrive in the afternoon and hike to top of the crater after lunch and this will reward you with an opportunity to view the world’s largest crater and one of the seven wonders in the world.

Also spot different primates, like olive baboons, vervet monkeys and birds like lovebirds, ground hornbills among others. Head to the lodge for dinner and a nap.

Day 10: Game drive and fly to Zanzibar.

Take a morning game drive in the park after breakfast where you will spot rhinos, buffaloes, cheetahs, elephants, lions, among others and the game drive will take about 5 hours of experience. Afterwards, head back to the lodge for your lunch followed by a check out from the lodge and head to the Arusha where you will catch up with your flight to Zanzibar.

On arrival, you will be welcome by our tour representative who will make a transfer to the booked beach resort.

Day 11-12: Zanzibar exploration and then fly to Kigali, Rwanda.

These days, you will take a city tour where you will visit the stone town and be rewarded with the traditional architecture made from coral reefs, take a spice tour where you will taste different spices like ginger, coriander, meant, lemongrass among others.

Also, you will have beach activities like swimming, sunset boat cruise, sunbathing among others. After, on the 12th day, you will fly to Kigali where you will meet the tour representative to take you to the booked accommodation in the city of Kigali.

Day 13: Transfer to Nyungwe National Park.

Transfer to Nyungwe national park a home to over 13 primates and on the way, visit the Rwanda historical sites like the presidential palace, hotel Rwanda and the Rwanda genocide memorial centre.

The drive to this park rewards you with the scenery of magnificent hills and the drive takes about 4-5 hours with a stopover where you will enjoy lunch and fascinated by photography and then transfer to the park for dinner and night stay.

Day 14: Chimpanzee tracking and afternoon canopy walk.

Wake up early for breakfast at around 06:00hours for your breakfast and then transfer to the headquarters for briefing, checking of the requirements like the documents among others. then head to the forest with the help of the park ranger guide and on getting in contact with these cousins, you will have an hour of experience and then transfer head back of the headquarters.

While in the forest, you will notice that chimpanzees have almost if not the same features as humans but the whole exercise takes about 4 hours. Head for a canopy walk which offers a chance to watch primates in the treetops with birds singing wonderful melodies. After, head back to the lodge for dinner.

Day 15: Depart to Volcanoes National Park.

Have a nature walk in the tea plantations and after return to the lodge for the mid-morning flourished breakfast which will be followed by the check out from the safari lodge.

Transfer to Virunga national park the home of mountains gorillas and golden monkeys. On arrival after a 4-5 hours’ drive, you will head to the lodge for dinner.

Day 16: Golden monkey trekking and cultural encounter.

Wake up and take breakfast and be ready to start another great adventure and this will be an experience if you are well equipped with the requirements of trekking. Head to the park headquarters for briefing like any other park activity and meet with other visitors of the same interests.

Thereafter, head to the forest and meet these creatures in the bamboo forest as they keep jumping. You will notice that they come close as you take photos with flashlights and this means that they enjoy flash cameras. Later in the evening, you will take a community tour to Ibyiwachu cultural village where you will interact with the Rwandese culture through traditional dances, story tales and food tasting among others.

Day 17: Transfer to Bwindi National Park.

Transfer to Bwindi national park in southwestern Uganda after breakfast with a fascinating drive through the hills and valleys. Also, make a stopover at Kisoro for lunch and another one at the border for verifying your travel documents and then proceed to either Rushaga or Ruhija for the next day’s activity.

Day 18: Gorilla trekking and Batwa pygmies’ experience.

Take a great adventure of gorilla trekking after briefing where you will encounter the gentle giants in the forest. You will notice how they play, groom children, feed among others. The trekking experience can take about 3-5 hours and this depends on the location where these beautiful creatures spend their night. After the experiential trekking, you will head to the park offices where you will receive a certificate of recognition for trekking gorillas in Bwindi national park.

Transfer to the lodge for your mid-morning lunch which will be followed by a visit to the Batwa community where you will have a great cultural experience. This will be the last activity for this day.

Day 19: Depart to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Depart to Queen Elizabeth national park after morning breakfast at the restaurant and pass via the Ishasha sector where you will be able to spot the rare tree-climbing lions as you enjoy your lunch.

Queen Elizabeth N/park is the most visited of all parks in the country and this is because of the diverse wildlife that can be spotted as soon as you enter the park. In the evening, penetrate the savannah national park with an evening game drive where you will view different wildlife in their natural setting. Find your way to the booked safari lodge to refresh and have dinner.

Day 20: Game drive and boat cruise.

The game drive will take place in Kasenyi plains early in the morning where you will be able to spot different wildlife species such as buffaloes, kobs, warthogs, giraffes among others. The game drive takes a thrilling 2-3 hours in the gigantic vegetation of Queen Elizabeth national park. Also, you will be able to spot some bird species like lovebirds, ground hornbills among others.

After lunch, take a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel where you will be able to spot different animals like hippos, crocodiles, as the elephants and the antelopes thrill at the banks of the channel.

Day 21: Transfer to Isunga cultural community for Batooro and Bakiga experience and then proceed to Kampala.

Have an early breakfast at the park lodge and then check out with a transfer to Isunga Cultural Community passing via Ndali Kasenda craters where you will view different craters lakes. On arrival, you will be welcome with the traditional dances for Bakiga and Batooro, learn more about their culture through storytelling with optional activities like coffee experience, cold spring experience among others and you can support this community by purchasing some souvenirs.

Thereafter proceed on a drive to Kampala with a stopover in Mubende town for lunch which will be followed by a drop off at the airport for your scheduled flight.

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