Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park may be one of the smallest parks in Kenya but has turned out to be among the most famous game parks in the country. This scenic little park encompasses and acts as a guardian to the beautiful lake Nakuru, one of the many soda lakes in the rift valley with a 1,754 meters elevation above sea level. Lake Nakuru national park is widely famous for its countless numbers of flamingos along its shores plus the recent introduction of rhinoceros (both the southern white and eastern black rhinos).

The national park was established and gazetted in 1961 and is protected by Ramsar Convention for wetlands in Kenya. It started initially as a tiny area encircling the renowned Lake Nakuru and nearby mountains, but the recent years have seen it being extended to cover a hideous chunk of the African savannah increasing not only the size but also the attractions and activities you can carry out in this park.

Attractions in Lake Nakuru national park.

The primary attraction here is the picturesque shallow alkaline lake that attracts over 400 bird species with help from the nearby forests including migratory species. Notably, the most sought after bird is the stunning flamingo that flocks the shores in nearly a million numbers.

The park also has unique but beautiful vegetation including acacia, euphorbia a cactus-like tall species among others. Recently the addition of rhinoceros in the park has also acted as an extra worthwhile attraction to add to your list.

Activities in Lake Nakuru national park.

Birding tops the list of activities done in this park with over 452 bird species recorded including water species like the greater and lesser flamingo plus terrestrial birds which contributes to it sometimes being called “the most tremendous bird spectacle in the world.”

In addition, a total of more than 55 mammals ranging from lions, black and white rhinos, waterbucks, leopards make a game drive a fantastic thing to look up to while here. Hiking can be done on nearby mountainous landscapes for example on Baboon cliff to have an awesome aerial view of the lake and park in general.

How to access the park?

Lake Nakuru national park has a great road network connecting to Nairobi running approximately 156 kilometers.  The most used road is via the park’s main gate four kilometers from Nakuru town.

It can also be accessed from Masai Mara using Nderit gate. Naishi Airstrip also serves the area to cater for flight services to the park at an arranged cost for tourism activities.

Favorable time to visit this park.

The best time to visit this national park for wildlife sighting is during the drier months of June through to March when the rains are less and animals congregate more. Even the wet season is appropriate though animals might be harder to find. However the drier season is when the park is busier and crowded though animals are easily found.

Where to stay in the park?

There are several types of accommodations ranging from Bandas: like Naishi bandas, campsites like Rhino, Naishi, Soyambu public campsites, lodges like Lake Nakuru lodge, Sarova Lion Hill lodge and backpackers are catered for by Makalia backpackers.

When planning to have a simple but remarkable east African safari don’t forget to include the scenic and charming Lake Nakuru National Park on your bucket list.

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