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A Story of love, Passion and Hope – A Rainbow Journey!

Michael Sabiiti’s Quest for Travel and Inclusivity.

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Michael SabiitiIn the heart of Africa, where the savannah meets the sky in a breath-taking horizon, lies Bugoli Adventures Limited at Tour Company that Michael and his wife Deborah founded in 2018. To this date, this fast-growing Tour Company is led by Michael Sabiiti, a man with a heart as vast as the wilderness he explores, Bugoli Adventures isn’t just a travel agency—it’s a beacon of hope and inclusivity.

Michael’s journey began long before Bugoli Adventures took shape. Born into a world that often struggled to see beyond the colour of his skin, Michael founded SCOSP a charity that provides education, healthcare and advocacy for the rights of people with albinism, who are faced with discrimination and hardship. Michael refused to let the world define people with albinism by its limitations. Instead, he chose to redefine the boundaries, creating a path of light amidst the darkness for the people with albinism to excel and enjoy their inherent rights and freedoms.

Bugoli Adventures was Michael’s canvas—a platform not only for showcasing the natural wonders of Uganda to attract the Tourists but also for championing the rights of those marginalized by society with the proceeds from his Tour Company to the Charity SCOSP, he founded in 2010. With unwavering determination, he transformed each tour into an opportunity for education, access to health for skin cancer patients, advocacy, and empowerment of children with albinism in Uganda.

Every journey with Bugoli Adventures was carefully crafted to immerse travellers in the rich tapestry of Uganda’s culture, primates, wildlife and landscape. Yet, it was more than just sightseeing—it was an invitation to embrace diversity and celebrate the beauty of differences. Through encounters with local communities, travellers gained a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by people with albinism and the resilience that defined their spirit. This created a lasting Bond between travellers like Freddy, Christian, Rabea, Mikko, Anni, Lea, Daniela, Benedikt, Aline, Anthony, Lilli Pilli, Heike, Steffi, Frank, Antje, Edgar and Heike, Aline, Elmar and the Communities of children with albinism in Uganda.

One thing is outstanding, Michael’s mission extended far beyond the confines of tourism. With every successful tour, he channelled a portion of the proceeds towards initiatives supporting education, healthcare, and human rights advocacy for people with albinism. From providing access to quality education, to providing access to healthcare services and legal support, community education advocacy and activism, Michael’s efforts touched countless lives, illuminating their pathways to a brighter future.

Even at this nomination for Asta Travel Advisor of the Year 2024, Michael remains humble, never forgetting the faces and stories that fuelled his passion. For him, the true measure of success wasn’t found in the smiles of those whose lives he has touched.

One such life was that of Sarah, a young girl with albinism whose dreams seemed beyond reach in a world clouded by prejudice. Through Bugoli Adventures’ initiatives, Sarah received an education, access to healthcare, and the confidence to pursue her aspirations. Today, she stands tall as a beacon of hope for others, a testament to Michael’s unwavering commitment to change.

As the sun sets over the African horizon, casting hues of orange and gold across the sky, Michael Sabiiti stands at the forefront of a new dawn—one where diversity is celebrated, and inclusivity reigns supreme. With Bugoli Adventures as his vessel, he continues to navigate the uncharted waters of compassion and understanding, leaving behind a trail of inspiration for generations to come.

As the nominee for Travel Advisor of the Year 2024, let me take you on a journey through the captivating reviews of Bugoli Adventures Limited in Kabale, Western Region under my hand as a travel advisor.

The adventure begins with travellers praising Bugoli Adventures for their exceptional service and thrilling experiences. Visitors rave about the knowledgeable guides who lead them through stunning landscapes and provide insightful information about the region.

Many reviewers highlight the variety of activities offered by Bugoli Adventures, from scenic hikes to exhilarating Primate and wildlife encounters as well as Uganda’s rich cultural diversity. The adrenaline rush is palpable in the reviews as travellers recount their heart-pounding experiences during the encounters during wildlife safari game drives and mountain tops on exciting mountain treks.

Michael, while team leader at Bugoli Adventures, also receives high praise for its commitment to safety. Travelers commend the staff for their professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring that every adventure is both thrilling and secure.

But it’s not just about the activities – reviewers also appreciate the warm hospitality of Bugoli Adventures and their active participation in the tours. From Michael’s friendly staff to comfortable accommodations, visitors feel welcomed and cared for throughout their stay.

In Michael’s overall view, Bugoli Adventures Limited under the leadership of Michael Sabiiti emerged as a top-rated Tour Operator, earning accolades from travellers seeking unforgettable experiences in the heart of Uganda and Rwanda. With its stunning scenery, wildlife, culture, exciting activities, and exceptional service, it’s no wonder Bugoli Adventures is a favourite Tour Operator bringing unforgettable Travelers and adventurers of all ages.


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Travelling with Bugoli Adventures not only gives you an experience to remember, but also enables you to do charity in Africa and to contribute to conservation of mother nature. 30% of our proceeds go to helping children with Albinism at SCOSP, and conserving the environment.

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