What do you know about Gorillas?

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Don’t miss to read interesting stories about gorillas also referred to as “the great apes” of sub species, western gorillas and the river cross eastern low land gorillas and the mountain gorillas.

Why are Gorillas called the Great Apes?

Gorillas are the world’s largest living primates. Did you know that gorillas are gentle giants and display many human-like behaviours and emotions, such as laughter and sadness.
There are 2 species of Gorillas that is to say; eastern gorillas and western gorillas and 4 sub species of gorillas that is to say; eastern lowland gorillas, western lowland gorillas, eastern mountain gorillas, western Cross River. In fact, gorilla’s share 98.3 percent of their genetic code with humans, making them our closest cousins after chimpanzees and bonobos they can stand at average height of a woman that to say Gorillas can stand on their fours at height between 1.5 – 1.7 meters. Female western Gorilla weight up to seventy-two kilograms and it male gorilla weighs up one hundred eighty kilograms. The female and male eastern Gorilla weighs up to 100kilograms and two hundred ten kilograms respectively.

Where do I trek gorillas?

Gorillas live in central and Eastern Africa in an area split by vast rain meaning one has western and another one has eastern gorillas. Gorillas are herbivores that can eat 30kg of plants per day however subspecies can eat insects and snails. Gorillas in Uganda are found in their natural wild habitat in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Maringa National Park. Gorillas trekking in Rwanda is done in the Volcanoes National Park and in Congo DRC the lowland gorillas are found in Virunga national Park.

How do gorillas live?

Gorillas live in family groups called troops of usually 30, led by a dominant male called a silverback that can be more than 10 times strong than average human—who holds his position for years. The bond between the silverback and his females forms the basis of gorilla social life. Females become sexually mature around seven or eight years old but don’t begin to breed until a couple of years later. Males mature at an even greater age.

What is the gestation period of a gorilla?

Once a female begins to breed, she’ll likely give birth to only one baby every four to six years and only three or four over her entire lifetime. This low rate of reproduction makes it difficult for gorillas to recover from population declines. Gorillas are very clever and have been recorded making and using tools!

Are gorillas intelligent?

Scientists have spotted wild gorillas using sticks to work out the depth of rivers and streams, making ladders from bamboo to help baby gorillas reach the treetops, and even fashioning – cutlery from twigs – helping them to scoop up and snack on insects and termites!

What do gorillas eat?

Gorillas spend a quarter of the day foraging for food mainly leaves fruits and stem pith for Gorillas can live up to 40 years old, so they have lots of time to learn.

Where do gorillas live?

Mountain gorillas were discovered by scientific world in 1902, they can range is forests as high as 4100 meters above sea level.
Although the population of mountain gorillas in increasing, sadly the other three subspecies of gorillas are critically endangered but with you and me, we can fight this.

How much is a gorilla Permit?

A gorilla trekking permit in Uganda is 700 United States Dollars. Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda Costs 1500 United States Dollars and Gorilla Trekking in DRC costs $ 400 United States Dollars.

How do I pay for gorilla a Trekking?

You can pay for Gorilla Trekking through a registered and licensed tour operator such as Bugoli Adventures Limited.

Where can I book for a gorilla Permit?

You can email the tour company at info@bugoliadventures.com or info@visitbwindigorillatours.com or send them a quick WhatsApp message at +256760813860 or in you are already in Uganda you can visit the tour company offices located at Room 15 south western umbrella of water and sanitation building, Plot 110 Mbarara Road. Kabale southwestern Uganda, East Africa.

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