Islands; a special place, lovely, peaceful, and calm, with a unique Rhythm of life, nothing is exaggerated; so are the visits to them. A day or more on an island gives you a true meaning of how a vacation destination set up should be, especially in the Gateway of Tanzania; Zanzibar, regarded by many as “the Spice Island”. Zanzibar archipelago is a collection of islands, situated at east of Tanzania and lying at the shoreline of the vast Indian Ocean. Its independence came in the year 1961, from the British powers.

Its capital is called the Zanzibar city; dominated by ancient Arab, British and African architecture, which give the place a natural beauty, thus setting it apart from many other destinations.

As you arrive for your safari; a honeymoon, family retreat, summer holiday, winter vacation, weekend adventure, or group, feel free to interact in any of these languages; English but to a few people, Arabic, and Swahili. 90% of the Zanzibaris are Moslems, and the rest Christians, and traditionalists, with mosques founded in all corners of the City. Nonetheless, religion doesn’t affect a tourist experience, at any point. Generally, the weather of the place is cool; favoring visitors from across the world.

A few facts you ought to know as you plan a Zanzibar safari; greetings are very essential; Zanzibar has some of the best beaches on earth so come prepared: only one national park is on the island with only primates; feel free to walk around the stone town; the island has the largest in human settlement infrasture in the continent; a taste of Zanzibar local cuisine will leave you asking for more; nightlife and camping unveil the Zanzibar vibes and above all; everyone is expected to dress on clothes that don’t reveal some body parts, notably; Thies, breasts, and back.

Safari Activities and destinations in Zanzibar.

Dolphin tour.

Half-day swimming by the dolphins and several sea lives is an unforgettable experience. This activity is offered at Zanzibar, at a very affordable cost, with only experts running it. It is so captivating, and every moment worth embracing.

Beach safari.

For the beach lovers; Zanzibar white sand beaches await you; moments to relax, rethink, take amazing photos and play by the calm waters.   Zanzibar beach experience is truly amazing and offered for all persons.

Primate trekking at Jozana chwaka Bay national Park.

Jozani chwaka Bay is the only national park in Zanzibar Island, located in the eastern part of the island. Monkeys are the dominant residents in this park; with the rare red Columbus monkeys the most sought. Other residents include among others over 60 bird species, reptiles, and about 50 butterfly species. The park gates get open at 7:00hours local time till late in the evening, with visitors spending from one to unlimited hours in it. The park is tiny, yet packs with a variety of flora and fauna.

Spice plantation Tour.

Once the greatest trade in the cost; Zanzibar spices has now turned into one of the most important attractions for visitors in Zanzibar, not for trade; but for recreation, just to see, feel the aroma covering the air in the plantations, and tasting.

Think of cinnamon, vanilla, jackfruits, and many more. The guides take you’re through the garden, picking the fruits from the treetops, and explaining each plant; its growth, and use. The tour is always crowned with entertainment and gift from the locals; a perfect appreciation for your visit.

Stone town tour.

In the heart of Zanzibar, the stone town is a must-visit destination in Zanzibar. It is decorated with buzzing streets, mosques, and ancient buildings from the Arabs, British, and Africans.  Places to visit in the stone town include; Giuliani bridge, the house of wonders, Ngome Kongwe, spice markets, and the old dispensary of Zanzibar.

Accessibility and Best time to Visit Zanzibar.

For those outside Tanzania or Zanzibar; you can easily and comfortably reach Zanzibar through water; on a ferry, or through the air; on a chattered flight. Zanzibar receives visitors all year round. But we would recommend a safari in June to September and December to March.

If possible, avoid visiting on Public Holidays, because that is when most places are closed. Zanzibar film festival for Dhow countries attracts thousands of people thus ideal for your visit.

Safaris to Zanzibar are remarkably unforgettable, with great accommodation facilities, welcoming natives, and many more. Contact us for your adventure.

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